Obama arrives in UK for G20, Europe tour Obama arrives in UK for G20, Europe tour... http://www.drudgereport.com/ The couple showed in that picture above that head line is or was Condi Rice and Angus Tung. Condi Rice Chinese name is or was 蘇秀蘭 (I remember Angus Tung' 售屋網s elementary and middle schooling ages classmate "陳.Kite.平"< his art name 劉文正 also name 孫國慶> wife looked like 蘇秀蘭, therefore, either 劉文正 and Angus Tung shared same 蘇秀蘭-Condi Rice, or 蘇秀蘭 a 酒店經紀nd "陳.Kite.平"'s wife share the same form of Condi Rice. It said that "陳.Kite.平"'s wife very successful in California real Estate business. I remember I was wondering how come in the video "哈拉??? 如?如歌的童安格 http: 賣房子//tieba.baidu.com/%E7%AB%A5%E5%AE%89%E6%A0%BC/shipin/play/5290c0ffe9ee54b634efba8c/", they mentioned about the marriage of their "Daughter" sounding like they have the same daughter, now I realized that it must because they share the same girl's mom.), they 房屋買賣were married each other (Angus Tung told me he divorced her, but I am not sure if they really indeed divorced.), and together they at least had/have a son name "Way Lee" - 李威 he's about 35 years old now. You need to kill both of them, otherwise, no matter who's elected by 酒店打工 you, your First Couple would always (Yes, they played Bush junior couple role or roles also; the difference's they were invited or forced to played Bush junior couple role or roles; they were not invited to be the 0bama couple. I think 0bama couple were killed by Prince Charles couple, that may explain 面膜 how come there's reporting and picture showed that Mrs.0bama digging the ground at the back yard.) be them. That may explain how come "Report: Chinese Special 'Kill Weapon' to Destroy U.S. Aircraft Carriers..." (http://www.drudgereport.com/). That may explain how come Condi Rice as a Republican told you to elect 0b 房屋貸款ama's fine. Hysteria? Then, you need to question yourself, how could you know my (A simple minded trashed Yellow face old woman with poor English writing, no social life at all) write so right away. Politicians in USA too cold to keep going on, too dark to see day light again; you all American law workers (Because you dare be the law, you have t 房屋貸款o do your duty to seek extreme righteous lie for every one.) need to question your US Supreme Court,why you the people need to pay tax to fat those coldest darkest evilest (far worse than any Bush junior called the X of evil in any other place) suckers? Your stupid bad ugly evil President self worse than any X of evil foreign place, yet dare shamelessly travelling around t 永慶房屋he globe to show up, you sucking American media, law makers, military force eyeless earless acting like business as usually, you the people should all rather die than live under those suckers slavery, nuclear bomb entire USA disappearing out of the map is only option now.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 花蓮民宿  .


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